Guitar Heroes

Richard Thompson

I can't go out with my friends on a Saturday night
My guitar's like a woman and you know I've got to treat her right
I've got to practice all night and day
I've got to play the way my heroes play
I've got to learn how the do it the Django way

O my teacher says they're going to kick me out of school
'Cause I'm nothing but a bebop, twang-headed rock and roll fool
If I don't do my homework I've got to go
But they can't teach me what I've got to know
How do I make my guitar sound like Les Paul?

I'll do the washing up later, let me practice if I choose
But how does Chuck Berry make it bounce right out of the grooves?

My girlfriend says she's going to dump me any day soon
If I don't stop strumming my guitar and get out of my room
If I don't get a life she's going to look elsewhere
She says, there's some normal boys out there
I said, I'll catch you up when I've cracked this James Burton tune

My Mum and Dad say they're going to put me out in the street
I'm excommunicated till I get a job and get on my feet
They say I'm not making a contribution
But I'm still searching for a musical solution
I've got to know how the Shadows get that beat

Well I played and I played till my fingers bled
I shut out all the voices but the voice in my head
Now I stand on stage and I do my stuff
And maybe it's good, but it's never good enough
To tell you the truth, I always hid it
I still don't know how my heroes did it
I still don't know how my heroes did it
Guitar heroes
Guitar heroes
Guitar heroes
Guitar heroes