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Leave your lipstick print all over my body baby, my body baby
Soak me in the smell of your perfume baby, your body baby
Let your sweat pour slow drip drop like honey baby, like honey baby
Feel the passion of this ranging bull baby, feel my body baby baby

Please report to my bedroom, bedroom, bedroom
open up wide in my bedroom, in my my in my bedroom
In my bedroom, Bedroom I got pleasure for you, bedroom a great place called,
my bedroom, Best love you ever had, in my my my bedroom, we'll grow, in my bedroom

Lock and load, explore and explode in my body baby, my body baby
Share fantasy, be the freak you wanna be, with my body baby, your body baby

Let's pretend your alone and we're on the telephone, my body baby your body baby,
Let's make you shout till you passout, with my body baby, with your body baby,

Hurry up to my my my bedroom, hey, push your body in mine, MY, so much pleasure
in my we can look beyond walls, have ourselfs a ball, love me baby,
let's record ourselfs in the bedroom baby, i'll let you keep the tape,

let me tell you about you baby

You look good in my, you feel good in my, be a freak in my, fall in love in my,
taste real good in my, fall asleep in my, wake up in my, say my name in my,

use these keys whenever you please for my body baby your body baby in my bedroom
in my bedroom...