Skit No.1


Yo, um
What that lady say again from the real estate, what she was tellin' you?

No, she was just sayin' what you wanna do, you know? 'Cause that guy in the Harlem two last forever
You know she said call her, she said tell her somethin', you know.

So when we gotta, um, when we gotta send that- that thing to her?

I told you you could send it certified, but you wanna see it don't you?

Yeah I do wanna see it.

Cause you might not like the area.

So we gotta go down there together then.
We gonna try to get out there this week or somethin'.

What about next week?

Alright, so let's jump one into next week.

Yeah, cause that's gonna be too much, you know.
Alright? I just came back on the plane last week.
You know I don't like to get up in the air too much now.
But uh, next week we'll go.


See ya.

So yo.


When you wanna start cookin' that stuff?

What time you gonna be here?

I'll be there in like another hour and a half.

That's good I'll be ready.


Alright see ya.