We wake together, hang on to each other
To the sound of the morning storm
Safe under cover, sudden the thunder
Rolling in with the morning storm
Outside the sky is putting on a snow
Dark clouds descending, all around a weird glow
Stop all the clocks and burrow down low
Oh, love, let's lock down and let this thing blow
Here comes the rain, hitting on the pane
All around me your sparks in a swarm
Let the sky fall, we have it all
Inside our slow moving storm
This room is the world, our bed is the earth
Nothing else is, here's all death and birth
You're a canopy, a cradle, we're alto and bass
Bound by you, I'm a king of infinite space
A rumble far off, the sound of a bell
Swims through the tempest its soft fall and swell
Tolls for the dead, tolls for the warm
Tolls for all creatures biding the storm
We make a hush in the morning storm
Just us in the morning storm