Halo Dies (The Wrath of God)

Orphaned Land

"Vaishachet ha'aretz lifney habore, vetimla ha'aretz chamas"
"Father thou art in heaven
 Thy kingdom cried hallow lives
 The sacred halo dies

 You defied and turned your back
 Upon our lord of wrath
 All faith you lack
 You walk (upon) this beaten path"

 All man shall fall as Abel fell to Cain
 By fire, by storm, by hail & by rain
 The Sacred triad, the three that are one
 Shall serve the word, thy will shall be done

 Hell hath no fury as a God scorned
 Unleash his wrath
 he will let death be adorned

 "I will cleanse the world with fire
 Scorched earth forevermore
 Purple tongues that burn,
 shall climb higher
 Seas of flame will crush ashore
 Shed the blood of mortal man
 The pains of birth are felt again
 Reduce to none, thou art unborn
 The end of man, human dethroned
 All light is gone..."

 The rage of lord is ever true
 You have been led by the eternal deceiver
 He is the life taker, and pain giver
 (Who) dwells into the depths of darkened fever
 There, as always, he lies, waiting - silent forever at the door
 The wrath of God that has befell you
 The servant of God - Jobe, the faithful believer
 He turned into a shadow, all fear and shiver
 Eve he drove astray and Adam to believe her
 The serpent coils inside its lair
 As if picking at an open sore
 Forever man's shins shall
 survive his earthly demise
 Wallow in hateful ways and his life of lies
 Eternal redemption they do not want nor seek
 Short are their days and feeble
 Naught but pleasure they adore...

 "Vayar Habore ki raba ra'at ha'adam baaretz vekol yetzer
 Machshavot libo rak ra kol hayom,
 Vayenachem habore ki asa et ha'adam baaretz,
 Veyt'atzev el libo"