Don't Need Security


Yea, you know how i never remember a gangsta havin security
A nigga like usher need security, a nigga like justin need security
A nigga like lenny kravitz need security
Gangstas don't need security
My nigga MJ when this drop, you gonna need security

I had the Desert since Biggy left it
Too many fake niggas from my hood that i don't rep it
And you can tell ima wildcard, by the way that im standin
Niggas bobbin and im landin, aim sharp and they shittin
You know a nigga hurt his hand, punchin cars like it's cannon
Throw a nigga hail mary from 1/8 like Manning
So, don't let em amp ya, i got it up in here
Im not from Tamba but we get the Buckin in here
3 niggas with blades, sorta like Musketeers
Like peter i kno jesus but eager to cut me in here

When i bounce thru the club, everybody still scream Murda
Don't need security
Im same route, chained out, everybody still scream Murda
Don't need security
Im two Double R's, no entourage, Murda
Don't need security

That's me, that's me
I know i don't need no security