Unicorns, goblins, hobbits, magic ents
Faeris, pixies, urechins and evil orcs
Seems like over and over they all get in my way
But they tremble and scatter when I say
"- Eu sunt Alma!"
The day is fading in silence
I made my way trough the mire
I step into the elven land
And i climb the ancient spire
One sound of the bell
and seven arrows are pointed at me
The elfs have me sorrounded
Ready for the kill
But they stop , and a tree , suddenly awakens
And the flow of it`s sea slowly forms the Elder.
And Silent, slowly comes to me and gives me
The Emerald Sword of the Ancient
And sends me on my way.
I`m walking trough the silent forest
And the trees and the wind are crying with me
I sing to the silent forest
Maybe now will uncover it`s mistery.