White Trash Stomp

Larry Norman

White Trash Stomp

Going to corpus to see grandpa joe
Get me a haircut, eat at the chili bowl
Sneak out the back door with a fishing pole.

Me and my sister and my brother too
We sing in the desert like the coyotes do
Accidental touring in the human zoo.

Naughty Nina played the eighty-eights
Never had no trouble getting the dates
Believe she's gonna surprise us at the pearly gates
Don't mock the albino, respect the octoroon
Our skin be like porcelain, pale as the moon
We dance the dysfunct hucklbuck but gonna rewrite the tune.

Going up to Charles' Town, I'm gonna see my ma
Feet up on the ottoman with my old pa
Then head for the kitchen, we'll sit around and jaw.
Over skilled cornbread we discuss the law
Black-eyed peas, collard greens, rochambeau, time to go.