Together, looking up at that distantly shining star and thinking it was destined that we met, pretending to be casual, I try to touch your palm, but you only smile gently.
Since these feelings are getting stronger and the weight of our of worries are increasing, never let go of the heart you once embraced, no matter what happens.
In this vast universe, if I can keep staying near just you alone, even though the clock-hand of broken time soon starts to move slowly toward the future, stay just as you are, just like this.
I whisper this wish softly to the flowing stars: "I pray that I can always be with you..." Close up just this one part of time in a glass box, even though it would be better if it could always be seen.
Since I don't want to make your gentle smile be clouded by worries, when I want to start crying, I think of this night sky.
In this vast universe, we found the place where just the two of us can be happy, didn't we? Here are the moon and stars, the night wind that wraps envelopes us both and my feelings for you alone.
You, who struggled here from that far country, are that shining star. Shooting Star Incessantly -- yes, like twinkling. I swear to this night sky that I will embrace both you and the future.