My favorite old, worn picture book, hugged in the bosom of my pajamas A sleepless Sleeping Beauty; Moonlight that illuminates the pages That was a distant country from an old fairy tail The STORY of the adventures of a small princess who left on a journey to find love
Innocence surpassing an angel's, swordplay beating a swordsman's Not even the fire of a dragon bearing its fangs and roaring or a million enemies can stop her recklessly untainted courage
beautiful FACE, BRIDE dancing in the wind, BRAVE in the heart, embrace it FLAME in the eyes, BLADE being wielded, BREAK the wall, leap over it
Can't ask Dad(King) and Mom(Queen) for the shining treasure The journey still continues while dreaming of romance
Before I notice it's open to my favorite scene again At the end of the journey, the sword is chipped, and though, looking back, the castle is far away Even so the location of the dream-fulfilling kiss is finally tracked down The valiant STORY of the small princess who sings tunes of love
The darkness of the witch that envies light blackly obstructs the goal Firm, unwavering feelings become the sharply shining point and pierce the heart of the witch of despair
precious FATE, SLAVE if you give up, BRAVE in the heart, confirm it GATE about to close, PRAY just a little, a dark GRAVE, run through it
Standing up using her broken sword as a cane, the worn, tattered PRINCESS Cries out a love of steel headlong into the wind
ruthless GAME, valiantly PLAY, thus PRIDE can't be given up the concluding PAGE, only you PAINT, someday BRIDE, feel admiration
Close the book, wear something nice, let's open the door and jump out The world must be waiting for a girl in love
Are You Ready All The Girls In LoveYou're Next Princess Brave!