This world will fall with your kingdom of greed selling 
hope and forgiveness to
a world in need taking advantage and building your 
temple you killing your
witness we now become vengeful recognition wealth money 
and greed nothing will
stop this destructive disease gold laces the floor from 
the most faithful of
tither only to go to the most haynes of liars what have 
you done you servant
of greed you've built an army from those you've 
rejected we march on this
empire for the have hate that you've perfected you'll 
see the end of your dark
sinful ways we'll destroy your temple in a fiery 
f**king blaze now stand and
watch you f**king thief as your empire is diabolically 
diseased our army is
strong for the lies that you feed our army is strong 
from your gluttonous greed
buildings now do fall and so do your gold filled halls 
relinquish thee give up
your throne at once you've caused this suffering 
leading them to their knees
false prophecy life of luxury relinquish thee endless 
pain you've caused to
build these gold fills halls you profess to heal 
creating twisted laws let go
and repent you will see your kingdoms fall your reign 
of false hope and selling
are over its time to face your fate its time to reap 
what you have sown now
bleed bleed you are the truly a disease your are a liar 
you are a thief you
have perfected the art of endless grief