On every March and April, when spring is in the air,
 A fever starts on spreading, but we don't seem to care,

 Love oh crazy love, Love oh crazy love
 Thats what we call this mangy germ, love oh crazy love

 [Spoken] J.C.C -What is love Carl?
 C.S -Why June, thats an aching heart and burning desire
 J.C.C -Put em together and what have you got? Heartburn!
 C.S -Ain't it the truth!

 I saw a little mudwall, just sitting on a tree,
 Until he saw a female he was as happy as could be,

 Love oh crazy love, love oh crazy love,
 And now she's peckin him to death,
 Love oh crazy love

 [Spoken] C.S -June, what in the world is a mudwall?
 J.C.C-Its a little bird that sits on a fence with its mud on one side and its wall on the other.
 C.S - I guessed i asked for that one didn't I?
 J.C.C-You sure did!
 C.S -Well, i'm a sing about the rabbits now

 I had two little rabbits, they never got along,
 Until they heard me singing, a crazy old love song

 Love oh crazy love, love oh crazy love
 Now i got 60 more to feed,
 Love oh crazy love

 [Spoken] J.C.C -Lets say a poem!
 C.S -Alright June, I'll say the first line:

 The rabbits nose is shining, i'll tell you as a friend,
 That's cos the powderpuff is on the wrong end!
 The bachelor he was singing, and a man in his own way,
 Then i came a prancing by, and wanted him to play,

 Love oh crazy love, love oh crazy love,
 And now she's got me buckled down,
 Love oh crazy love

 [Spoken] J.C.C -I shot a bachelor for kissing me once!
 C.S -Why, was he the first one who'd ever tried to kiss you?
 J.C.C-No,but he's the first one to try it with his mouth full of tobacco juice!
 C.S-Well, good for you
 J.C.C -Oh, it was a tragedy
 C.S-Well, i would have thought you'd have liked it

 I thought i had the willpower, enough to stay at home,
 But every time i see a girl, i can't leave her alone, no

 Love oh crazy love, love oh crazy love
 I'd better never catch you bowing,
 Love oh crazy love