I spent Sunday afternoon just hanging around
Hanging by my nails two miles up and falling down
Checking out the weather
With my strung out feathers
Holding up a singer
By my good luck finger
Oh I'm hanging on
Come back tomorrow to see if I'm gone(2x)
I missed the train by a second or two
Screaming through my fist, screaming out "please love me do"
Hanging with a Haitian
At the ticket station
Talking about money
How it sure is funny
Oh I'm hanging out if ever you need me
Just give me a shout(2x)
Woke up this morning, my guitar was on fire
Smoke it up jimi, I thought that
You had long retired
Charcoal smoke and red hot ember
Smell like Christmas
In September
Oh, I'm waking up
The sugar plum fairy's
In my coffee cup(2x)
Someone's in the kitchen
Smells like supper time
Someone's in the kitchen
And they're popping a bottle of wine
I got a letter from a long lost sis
Jumping in the lily, jumping in the sunshine kiss
"I'm dying and I'm dying on a hospital bed
Come come kiss me just before I'm dead"
Oh long ago someone figured that I would just know(2x)
I caught a ferry across the lonely bay
And I bussed up to Boston and
I bought a ticket just one way
I jumped upon a plane
A coal-black stallion
I crossed the finish line
And I grabbed the medallion
Oh I'm finally home promise me that you won't go(2x)