One, two, three, four, go
So let this fucking party begin
We're bringing all our friends
Too bad this night is gonna end
The way it always ends
A fight between one, two or three
Let's hope it's not between you and me
So let's keep these red cups filled up
To the brim
Fuck, I can't believe that I have done this again
Oh shit
Drank way too much and fucked up someone else's friend
I'm way too fucking drunk
Banged this dude's girlfriend
So go and bring your girl back 'round again
I'll show her what it's like to be with a man
Oh damn girl, you're so fucking fine
Let's do this again and again
If we had the chance to fuck all night, I would
And if we had a few more beers, I know I could
Oh man, there's gonna be a brawl
Some guy banged someone else's girl
Hey guys this bro's been talking shit
So let's bring this fight into the streets
To introduce his teeth to the concrete
First I railed your girl
Now your head's beneath my feet
How does it feel to get fucked up by the guy who fucked your girl
But at least we brought the beer
So you can't complain
Get the fuck out of my face
Everyone let's chug a beer