It's Not Me, It's You

I Fight Dragons

Think fast
Why do you believe we're on the
Right track
Anyone can see it
When they
Look back
But tryin ta tell the future isn't quite so easy

Zoom out
Everyone's so focused on the
Right now
No one wants to take a chance on
Some how
The dreamers and the schemers they can
Both agree
No one's in between
3 5 8 10
I can write this song again
18 more times
I'm not running out of rhymes
20 more or 42
Til you finally see the truth:
It's not me, it's you

Easy happy light and fun
We can make a number one
Seven writers get a chunk
That's how modern music's done
Wonder why it's down the tubes?
Guess you haven't read the news:
It's not me, it's you