Sitting at the right hand,blessed by the holy one
Eternal ride,promise him the kingdom of sun
For his lust to hold the sacred throne,betrayal a 
desperate plan
An evil plight to control the light it shines upon the 
holy land

Gather his legions,prepare to fight or fall
Heading to battle determined to conquer all

Soldiers of misfortune,fight or fall they fail
Tortured minds stained with sin to the cross their souls 
were nailed
Pass into the darkened gates to rule the evil domain
Pass below to burn & rust engulfed in eternal flames

Choice you own,now you have fallen to a place unknown to 
Your power has grown no praises by God the sinners await 
your call
Unholy prayers spoken at madness they stalk us again & 
It's better for evil to rule in hell then serve in heaven