Well what we gon' do about these haters though Gucci Mane? Everywhere I go, they talkin' 'bout you my nigga, I'm sick of that shit. Every time hoes callin' me, you know what these hoes gon' call me and talkin' 'bout?

What she say?

Aye, umm, you know Gucci Mane used to rob people? Guess what I told her?

Oh, she say I robbed people?

Yeah, say you used to rob people and shit

Yeah I used to be fucked up, you know what I mean, I used to do a lil robbin', a lil trickery, a lil fugazi they call it down there in 
Fuck that

That's that Bubba Kush mane

That kush, boy

That's that Bubba Kushy!

Everywhere I go, they talkin' 'bout you Gucci, I'm sick of that shit man, these muhfuckin' haters, man

Cat, nigga gon' tell me some shit one day like, "What made you sign with Big Cat Records", right? I said man, "Big Cat was the most realest nigga I had met yet, you know what I mean? I ain't ever met a nigga realer than Cat. Yeah man, I cut a lot of niggas out just to fuck with Cat and I ain't look back since", but I ain't never cut none of my true homeboys out, cause them niggas still with me you know what I mean, we gon' do this shit till the end, y'all know what's up

That's what's up my nigga, real recognize real, that's why I fuck with you, dog. Real recognize real for sure

We locked in my nigga, we got the game in a head lock

Yeah! Big Cat Records, LaFlare Entertainment, we doin' it real big, that's what's up