I Am What They Fear


My spirit travels through the night sky
My eyes see through the night
They see through nothingness and emptiness
I can read peoples thoughts
I am what they fear
and ancient fear of long forgotten past
On the mournful night of Samhain
I come back to where the stones are lined
Where phantoms dance with shadows
In the cold and foggy breeze of the night winds
i bring the dead light
feed on it - ghosts of night
Warriors of ancient battles
Priests of ancient faiths
Ancient wisdom of Atlantian temples
may the swords buried in the ground
come back to the light
I am feared by humans
because I am the master of their fate
cloaked in darkness
I penetrate underneath the nightly horizon
under the shine of stars and the light of the moon
The fire I bring erases life
Fear and suffering are my breath
I am the one that changes dreams into nightmares
Pulled by ancient powers
I rip the strings of life
I call the spirits of the dead warriors
Darkness is my ally