Your second self. Within the incoherence, the 
dysfunction, hallucinations. fight with the realm of 
reality. motionless, you broadcast your thoughts and 
ideals. you exist on display. unsatisfied, your 
emptiness, your escape, with limited rules and 
consequences. your definition of efficiency: the minimal 
loss of time, the maximum grant of pleasure. but you 
remain dry. your disregard and lost interest in the 
simplest and genuine life delights. they loss their 
sweetness within your new found life. keep digging in the 
bottomless barrel of your illusions, with the certainty 
you can be anyone you want. you wear your new identities 
as if it was better fitted for you. isn't easier to erase 
then face your failures. this short term relief will 
leave you with a heavy social void. each moment spent is 
taking you further from an end, from me and everyone 
else. yet you can't stop? didn't you question yourself 
twice before making it your priority, your obsession. yet 
you can't stop? with the lapse of time it grew to be the 
leading portion of your life. isolated, negligent, you 
can't recollect the amount of hours lost. feeding lies to 
conceal what you actually do with your time. you barely 
sleep, and spend all your waken moments obsessing over 
your fiction. with all these hours lost, that you threw 
away you could have accomplished great things. what have 
you gained ? there is no double life, just one on