Does that writing on the wall tell us it’s not true? Less 
time to decide, clocks are burning. We’re now thrown 
together. There are few chances for a tomorrow. We’re not 
holding on. The curse is short but binding. The curse 
never ends. Last chance, claim your dependence. Don’t 
settle on what you’ve become. What I see is you and what 
you are doing. What I see in you; all the damage that has 
been done. No one knows. Last chance to damn and shout 
with a gun in your mouth. The curse is growing stronger. 
The curse has taken over. The curse is going nowhere 
ever. We’re lost in this, dead-end. The curse has knocked 
us down. Strengthened with our flaws. The curse is us, 
and everything. We’re lost in this, dead-end.