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"The universe is dead", it's what you always said 
I'm trying to understand, what's going through your head 
Dreams call out to me, I follow where they lead 
I'll go wherever you go 

The shining of the day, reflect it in your way 
The leaves are from the trees, they're from a single seed 
I try to turn the tide, the questions in my mind 
And it's a struggle I know 
Take me wherever you go 

Bring me back again and don't let me fall; 
I'm not waiting for the end of it all 

The turning of the tide, falling in behind 
Pretending not to find, the questions in my mind 
The shining of the day, the old familiar way 

Follow the road where it leads 
And all the way we will sing... 

For the winter, for the summer 
For the ocean, and for the river 
For the question, for the answer 
For the gift, and for the giver 
For the life, and for the liver 
For the night, and for the day...