The fog rolls on in from the sea
Like a curtain draped from the bolts of heaven
And out here the moon burns through the night
Like the eyes of strays caught in headlights
And I hear you hum a song I'd written
And the condensation collects on my feet
And my lungs contract as the curtain thickens
And I hear you say you'd like to see what's down 
beneath the violent blue
And as you say those words my legs turn leaden

And your teeth are two white smears that cut the gray
Like light behind the clouds
And my heart is flapping like a bird that's trapped inside a wire cage
I hear you laughing, saying:
"Darlin', there's no need to fear. You know how to swim."

Well, let's see how well I do

This blue ain't blue
It's velvet black
A crooked mirror sky
And we hum like stars
And flicker off into the blank and void
I feel your limbs; they pull me down
I feel your limbs; they pull me down
And now we're too far gone
And won't ever be found