A crown of thorns and bravery
For their King, for their land
There is nothing more
No battle cries to hear, anymore
We are far away from home
And death will be our tome

The shine of steel and the smell of the blood
Burn in the ground and we are full of pride
We never give up we never give in
Our strength is our heart
And it will be only one

Empty your mind
Our destiny was changed
To pull down our enemy
Rescue the land of the Alliance
We saved many souls marching under the stars

For many times the evil appears
But there is a hope in the air
We now will conquer
Hear their scream, hear us fighting
We fight for a crown, we fight for our King
With a heart made of gold
We are stronger than steel
Our spirits will be free


Time has its end
Down to hell, whispers fade way...