Album At the Movies, Vol. 2

Gene Kelly

Album Gene Kelly - At the Movies, Vol. 2
  • 1 The Babbitt and the Bromide (From 'Ziegfeld Follies')
  • 2 I Got Rhythm (From 'An American in Paris')
  • 3 Tra-La-La (From 'An American in Paris')
  • 4 Love is Here to Stay (From 'An American in Paris')
  • 5 S Wonderful (From 'An American in Paris')
  • 6 Fit as a Fiddle (And Ready for Love) [From 'Singin' in the Rain')
  • 7 You Were Meant for Me (From 'Singin' in the Rain')
  • 8 Moses (From 'Singin' in the Rain')
  • 9 Good Morning (From 'Singin' in the Rain')
  • 10 Singin' in the Rain (From 'Singin' in the Rain')
  • 11 Broadway Melody Ballet (From 'Singin' in the Rain')
  • 12 Would You? (End Title) [From 'Singin' in the Rain')
  • 13 Heather on the Hill (From 'Brigadoon')
  • 14 Almost Like Being in Love (From 'Brigadoon')
  • 15 I Love to Go Swimmin' With Wimmen (From 'Deep in My Heart')
  • 16 Time for Parting (From 'It's Always Fair Weather')
  • 17 The Blue Danube (I Shouldn't Have Come) [From 'It's Always Fair Weather']
  • 18 Time For Parting/Once Upon a Time (From 'It's Always Fair Weather')
  • 19 I Like Myself (From 'It's Always Fair Weather')
  • 20 Les Girls (From 'Les Girls')
  • 21 You're Just Too Too (From 'Les Girls')
  • 22 Why Am I So Gone (About That Gal) [From 'Les Girls']
  • 23 A Very Precious Love (From 'Marjorie Morningstar')