This is all too much to deal with, there is no clear path
As we fall to pieces everything erodes
And I won't just stand here for nothing
My hands hold on to the rags that we have left
Maybe I'm just scared of the distance from everyone I love
It's not easy, but then nothing good never is
Seven of the longest years have lead to the greatest moments of my life
I'm not falling apart, I'm not falling apart
Appreciate the moments that are bad, because they will show everything else for what it really is
Truth be told I love this so fucking much
Honestly, I cannot think anywhere that I would rather be
I know there'll be hard times, but together we can pull through the darkest sky
Moving forwards we will hold on and we will never lose our grip
Even if I've fallen I will get up and unbroken I will say
I'm not falling apart, I'm not falling apart
We're not falling apart
Hold my arms, never look back, I won't forget
And I hardly feel the stress around me, but it's not the end
But then all this time I never saw the light
And I will never look back and regret a single moment of this amazing thing