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Uh, uh, uh, uh it's d haddy
Ladies and gentlemen
I'm glad you could make it
To The praise party of the year.
There's only one rule
You just can't sit there
Get up!
On your feet now
Dance wit me, praise wit me

Now it's about time for me to testify
Ima change my wrong to right.
And if it wasn't for the lord workin in my life, I could never survive.
Now with eveybody in got a right to praise, you kno its got to be me.
Now move, back it up give me some space, cause i'm about to raise up in this place.

I can feel him all in my hands
Feel him all in my feet.
When the spirit comes over me
My praise comes *not sure wut they say*
Where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty. I just can't sit
down on the lord after all he's done for me.

You make me wanna dance
You make me wanna dance all night.
You make me wanna dance
You make me wanna praise all night

Look at what he brought you from
Look at what the lord has done.
Ever since he came into your life
He's been number one.
He brought me out of the darkness
Into his marvelous light.
thats why you gotta breathe him
every day, and every night. (chorus)

Lift your hands up to the sky
and wave from side to side.
and if u wanna rock with us
party with us
you gotta lift his name on high.
It don't matter what coast you from
lets praise and have fun
make christ number one
from the early mornin
to the middle of the night
lets get crunk for christ.

Uh huh (uh huh), yeah yeah (yeah yeah), uh huh (uh huh), alright (alright),
uh huh (uh huh), yeah (yeah yeah), uh huh (uh huh) alright (alright)

You make me want to dance,
make me clap my hands lord.
You make me want to dance,
make me clap my hands. (4x)

Lets Dance!