Now unrest civility and 
No more control 
With secret societies 
Everything's planned with precise calculations 
Leading the humans to mass devastation 
Majority of all countries 
Progress in nuclear armed cognition 
And forging it's sinister strengths 
Energy depletion for normal life 
Is exhausted and leads to 
Desperate governments set upon war 
The others expect from the skies 
Until proper invasion allowance 
Now worried on what was once foreseen 
The newest values become irrelevant 
Throughout worldly meetings 
All eyes of the world are clear 
Sanctions must be carried out amongst the known threat 
All set on global dominance 
Pods start world war three 
For control of energy 
Pod one now complete 
Their waiting for their defeats 
Only matter of time 
Of what's to come 
Awaiting for us in the near future 
Only we hold our fate 
The battle among the stars will soon begin 
East, west and it's supporters 
Unleash massive attacks 
Being over armed as the pods planned 
Eighty percent of the worlds' population dies 
From initial strikes 
Fallout consumes creation 
Countless nights with no sun 
Ash clouds block above 
The future winds of the planet 
Will bear the strong 
The rest confined to the impending 
Doom that is forthcoming 
They will become since lost and are now 
Embraced in the arms of ruin 
We have decimated all we have built 
Everything created erased 
What we have done has been undone 
Beyond the waste we'll come together