They were experts
Having practised for years
On cattle
What sustained them?
Beyond the frenzy
The frenzy of the first attack
Through plain physical exhaustion
And the whole mess of it all

Unending destruction required great ambition
Properly disturbed by the curiosity
Of inflicting
Massive slaughter on
Innocent civilians

Perpetrators needn't enjoy the killing
Above all their victims must die
Extermination underway
They killed all day

At night, they feasted on
Looted cattle
Beneath the cries of their victims
After whatever sleep could be had
They went back and killed again

It was a process
The dead were beautiful
Random fallen forms
And the tranquility of their rude exposure
Women and children raped
Then hacked apart with machetes
All dumped into bloodied rivers
Whole families lay butchered and rotting
Ideal genocide
Conveyed through the stronger tribe