Harvest temples for the purpose of manipulation 
They are spread throughout the planet at strategic sites 
The temples have been used for thousands of years 
By others and is only one of the 
Mechanisms used for collection 
For precious life energy 
Herds of the captured 
Led under mind control 
Hit by P.S. units follow to the structures 
Once inside 
They're separated 
By gender and age 
Unfortunate are used for coerce breeding 
Transported up to waiting ships 
And taken far abroad 
The lucky who struggle to fight 
Are killed instantly 
Some are transformed 
After deformation into slaves 
Of the host 
The majority remaining 
Life forces are drained 
After stripped 
The shells are burned and buried 
Converted psionic stealers 
Are released throughout 
Searching for survivors 
To gather more for harvesting 
They are equipped with 
Virvum armed weapons used for piercing the brain 
Hypnotizing it's victim 
There are ways 
To deflect 
The infecting beam 
Specific metals Negate 
It's overpowering effects 
The Cerebral hemispheres 
Must be covered 
For the protection against psionics 
The Ones 
Who are overcome and hit 
By the mind grasping erudition 
Cease all 
Action immediately 
The structures pulse 
Calling out 
Unearthly frequencies 
To the awaiting captured 
Vast in number 
They stand 
Staring motionless, lifeless 
Waiting for instruction 
Subdued hone in on 
Temple beacons and march until finally reached 
These morbid monstrosities engulf millions 
Again and again 
They will not stop until all life is gone 
Terminating all of us for universal rule 
Mass Destruction 
Of these temples is key for mankind's existence 
Survival and first victory in the universal war 
If they continue to multiply and function 
The entire race will be absorbed