Observing the devise of Earths human weakness 
The next stage of invasion initiates 
Unknown spacecraft drops gears for 
Planetary takeover across the regions 
Pockets of survivors stay distant from the 
Arriving enemy 
Determined to take back 
What once was theirs 
Stalkers and psionic stealers 
Patrol as virvum harvest temples are constructed 
First in hardest hit post war regions 
Preying on the weak and crippled 
The survivors in disgust unite 
For realization of what is happening 
Stalkers and P.S. unit's patrol 
Herding millions worldwide to temples 
For the process 
Known as entity blanking 
It strips the body of which 
All is connected 
It's collected for numerous powers 
Including bent space traveling 
Worldly tapping, psyche weaponry and force control 
Stripping the body of which all is connected 
At the same time 
Pockets of strength among us 
Combine to fight the growing threat 
During the century of the vital 
Man will combine 
Wisdom between them 
To begin to overthrow 
Of the intruders 
In the protected walls day and night 
Looking for ways to combat and compete with this enemy 
These close days ahead 
Will determine our survival