Haunt me with your love
Haunt me with your touch
Caress me with your fingers
Let me know what's up

Let me know if you're down
Come by and feel at home
Don't you worry baby
I'm open twenty four seven, oh
Welcome to the jungle
Welcome to my life, ooh
I'll let you choose what you wanna do
Just give me pleasure, pleasure from you
Pleasure from you
Pleasure from you
Ooh, yeah

We don't need to get serious
I'm good if you're just curious
Play along, play it nice
Getting your eyes blazing goddamn
You're mine tonight
You're mine, oh goddamn
Goddamn you're mine
Ooh, yeah yeah

Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby
Crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy, crazy
You got me going crazy, ooh
You got me going crazy
You're dangerous, won't interrupt

Cause you're the boss, baby
You got me under your spell
Ooh you got me under your spell
You got me, hey!