Well I was strolling down the Rue Morgue 
Walking with my French dog Andre
When I saw a pretty Fille 
She was walking down the street, coming my way 

Well I took that little girl by the hand 
I said hey babe I`ll be your man 
And she said 'je ne comprend pas'

Va te faire enculer 
That`s what she told me, a dictionary please 
Va te faire enculer 
I think she likes me, oui

I said tell me where you stay 
She said 'qu’est-ce vous direz'
I said let’s go there 
I said tell me what`s your nom 
She said allez-vous-en 
I said hi, Ali 

I said I never got to learn any French 
I took Technical Drawing instead 
She turned to me and she said...