It was a Friday, the rain was pissing down 
I took my Norton and I rode into town 
There was this young kid, all dressed in black 
Riding his Honda and looking real slack 
He tried to take us on the edge of town 
Didn`t see the school bus that could have mowed him down
He swerved to miss it, I swerved to miss him 
As I came off my bike, I saw him grin 
I caught him on the motorway, he was doing one four five 
He couldn`t leave me behind no matter how he tried
I`d never felt so good before as he hit the safety rail 
Seeing that Jap junk break in two was worth my time in jail 
And together we`ll ride away...
I'm getting out soon, how I long for that day 
My Norton is waiting, and together, we'll ride away...