I like the way you talk
I like the way you fuck
I like-I like-I like-I like-I like
The way you fuck

I'm better than the average letterman
You better plan ahead instead of rantin' sending steady telegraphin' poems you'll never ever grasp
The clever vasking relevant
Misstep and thrash all through your metal bastard
Like an elephant
My head expands forever
Every chance I get to tear a jam
I'm trending, mad shit my endeavor hella better evidence
Of verbal in a trance, you're spitting trash
My man begin again
My mind is militant and will reveal your little innocence
The citizens of villages be like
"Hey Gift, oh you the man
My nigga can you spit again
And kill them with your infinite flow?"
Did it and made dividends
And exit with your chicken head
Right when we fled the premises
She leaned right in my ear and said

So talkative, I'm out to live the life of mountains
Shift just now and then my style offends
But only if you're out to grip the crown of emcees
Bound to pound the sound
Ain't clownin' just a lesson grounded
It's so fresh, astounding
With these records y'all ain't shit to us
Your non-existent flow will fall to shit
You step inside of our existence
All of y'all I'll call your mama just to save you from the drama
This is Quannum call your doctor
Get your karma forming all inside your noggin
Storin' with them rhymes
It's sound like I was soundin' one-on-one to toddler
Barely walkin' round the new place
Droolin' slobber fallin' out my mouth
I'm ga-ga-in' and goo-goo-in'
It's voodoo when you step into new energy
I threw you when you kick them zippo rhymes
That you do when you rap
Fool you in a trap, see me and you doo-doo in your pants
Rule you with my crayon
Iron hand gon' do you with a lance
As my mind expands I enhance
Do you feel my wrath?
Your girl had told me
"Gabby, I love listening to you man."

But anyway I did hear you on the radio today

If you were tuned into my show then you had an experience
I produce, write, and direct my own material for both radio and television
Because I own them
Just another one of the things that makes me so special