We all marvel at the airplanes up so high
But we aren't doin' nothin' but copyin'
What we see in the birds in the sky
We all marvel at the skyscrapers up so high
If we don't be careful
All the giraffes might not have no life

We all would just breathe in, breathin' in oxygen
But that's just what you're thinkin'
'Cause you can't see all the shade
We all marvel at the airplanes up in the sky
But we have to learn from
The birds, they all know how to fly

And her mama was prayin'
As the baby was dyin'
And the earth could not breathe any longer
'Cause the sea had died
And you can't drink the water
And you can't breathe the air
You can't find love anywhere
'Cause they are killin'
They're out killin' in the street
They are sittin' on fire
And the devil's comin' for you and me

Comin' for you and me
Comin' for you and me
Comin' for you and me

I was singing this the other day
You think you wanna get rid
Of all them past-can-bes
But when they no longer exist on the planet
You'll just have to see
We've gotta take care
Gotta take care of the earth and the air
And the sky and the water
Angels protect this home

And the angels were singin'
Deep meditation