Is It Only Me?

Beverley Craven

It's just a fantasy
I don't really mean the things I'm thinking
They just come to me
Like a dare that I can't share 
In case you think that I'm not all there

I've got to keep my karma clean
'Cos everything comes back to me
It must be insecurity that keeps me weak
Or gives me the edge I'm looking for

Is it only me?
When I'm doing things I keep a tally
Safety in numbers and in my routine
Like OCD
I'm convinced someone's watching me

I want to be alone so much
And yet I long to stay in touch
A melody is stuck in my head
And it won't go
And now I forget what I came here for

If I say it
I'm gonna jinx it
If I keep it close
It'll grow
Can you blame me for keeping secrets?
Why, oh why, do I just get so overemotional?
They should take me away
I'm all over-emotional
Is it only me?

If I think it
You never thought it
When I hate being who I am
Little phrases become symbolic
And my normality is such a sham
They should take me away
I'm all overemotional
Is it only me?