Anyone who marries for the pain
Understands that we were never made for this
Single moment
Exchanging Oaths in maiden's private room
Keeping secrets will eventually consume
You from inside
Engraving our hearts in the sand
Painting pictures with our hands
Will stain like wine
Within out minds.

The bittersweet of this romance
I'll make a bet
I'll take my chances
On your Love
Although it's tough.

Don't walk
Don't wait
Don't stand around
Don't run
Can't wait
This love will pass you by,
If you take your time

A heart is something I could do without
All my blood runs dry when you are not around
Or so I've found
Exchanging lies in lovers open room
We kept our secrets,
Now it has consumed our lives
From the Inside
Love is not like any word
'Cept love that is obscured
To think that we
Will be happy

The bittersweet of this romance
I'll take my bet
I wont take my chances on you
I think Its through.