Nights of endless fullfilled with days of torment. 
Men turn to killing-machines. 
Streets turn to battlefields. 
Where we she'd the blood of our brothers. 
Constant warfare. 
Narrow minds controlling the troops. 
Stealing the lives of the innocent. 
Claiming to uphold peace and order but it's nowhere to be found. 
This world is not your kingdom. 
The greed lies within your blood. 
Created by your cowardly ancestors. 
Women and children soaked in blood; cold and terrified. 
Never give always take. 
Some day you'll all go down. 
Begging for forgiveness. 
You justify these actions with your trust in god. 
In your god I don't trust and I'll never put my life into your hands. 
I'll never fight for your empty causes. 
But you won't tear me down. 
I'll allways fight.