I am dangerous 
'cause I'm ridiculous 
And it seems to me 
That I'm a threath to the 
Whole society 
'cause I ain't got no dignity 
So if you want respect from me 
-well, have it for free 
It's worth nothing to me 
And in your eyes I see 
It's something else you seek 
-it's fear that you wanna see 
But I ain't to proud to bow 
I ain't to proud to kneel 
I ain't to proud for any gesture 
That is meaningless to me 
I ain't to proud to beg 
I ain't to proud to run 
'cause I don't want respect 
I'd much rather have fun 
If you think you're tough 
When you're laughing at us 
Well, it's no big buzz 
-you can laugh if you must 
'cause me and my friends 
Like the way we look 
And that's enough for us 
And we don't want no fuss 
But if you'd like to stay 
Then to me it's OK 
-and I don't say there's anything 
Wrong with your head 
Just wish you'd try to 
Think for yourself instead 
Cause I ain't to proud to bow..