Ladies Only

Aretha Franklin

This is for ladies
Ladies only
This is your moment
It's your time
This is for ladies
For the girls only
This is your moment
To shine

Let the fellas take a look
Take a look
Take a look
Ooh, at what they're missin'
And if anything beats a boy
It's some good, old-fashioned huggin'
(Ooh, get it, baby!)
And kissin'

Ladies only
You got the spotlight let your hair on down
Ladies only
Let your partner spin you round and round
I know that you can boogie down
You been smokin' discos all over town
And you been doin' it to the hilt
Sparkle all in your hair, dance lady, lady now

Ladies only
The night is young; the party's just begun
Ooh-ooh, ladies only
The school of rock is where I'm comin' from
We can do it like it ain't been done
It ain't work when you're havin' fun
And there goes my hat
Into the ring


Parlez-vous Francais?
Un peu
Un petit peu
Il n'y a pas de quoi
Voici pour vous:
Mesdames seulement
Party down, s'il vous plait

Sparkle all in your hair
Dance, lady, lady now

Ladies only...
Ladies only...

Party, party
Party, everybody
Let's have a good time
This evening

Mesdames seulement...
Ladies only...