Just once to be the one

 On the outside, the one looking in
 See it the weaknesses are showing
 The ones I feel cannot win
 One minute all is fine
 the next I'm losing my mind
 When all is said and done
 can't dig too deep
 I'm scared of what I'll find

 You see you don't see it
 Oh, just you wait
 You say it's all way to perfect
 I see you're falling for the bait
 You say my tongue's like a razor
 Well I'd say that you're right
 So stay out of the way
 get the fuck out of the sight
 Better leavy me alone
 for it is on tonight

 From 0 to 100 in a second
 I should get this under control
 but I like how it feels
 it makes me give my all
 From 0 to in 100 second
 Kiciking into higher gear
 the brakes are gone
 but I'm nail-deep in the steer

 I know I'm loud whit my opinions
 and I could use a few
 I do not go trought the motions
 trying to work on something new
 Half the time I have no idea
 no fucking clue what's going on
 in my head
 But I know for a fact
 if I'd try to stop
 I'd end up dead

Chorus 2x