You say that weakness is only

a way to give your heart to the enemy

but if the blow that knocks you out

is the one you don’t see

then why are you fighting?

Listen: before you lose the ocean from your tears,

before your face is carved out of stone

before they finally force you to your knees -

only love can set you free.

You were no civilian, you fought every war

and now you don’t wanna fear your heart anymore

Now you only do what’s good, because you’re good

Now you only do what you should, because you’re good

Listen: it takes a baby years to know

what’s gonna make it stop crying

that what it wants isn’t hard to see -

only love can set you free.

I’ve been so lucky

Now I’m just a normal man, that’s true

And I got nothing to brag about, or yes I do

that once I was loved by someone like you

that once I loved someone like you

Listen: what you find when you lose your way

are gunshot signs on a haunted sky

that only point you to a crowded mystery -

only love can set you free.

I’ve been so lucky