The beer is ice cold
And it's sold
From a supermarket that keeps their prices down
This day is not pretentious or fake
Home town Sunday shining
And it takes a day like this to make me understand
That you can't beat the sweet feeling of sand
Between your toes, this is how it goes
Down with a beer in my hand

My best friend's to the left
She's closest to the esky  
She passes me a Coopers 
And she glistens in the sun
Baby made a good call to take me from the fish bowl
Looks all cool on videos but sometimes it's no fun

It's all very good at first 
All the beer and cocaine
I'm on the beach in the first verse 
With my kid and no fame
And it just feels so very real to me
So I'm asking myself 
Baby, what's the deal?

I spent two years with the summer in my rear view
Now I'm looking through my shades
I've finally got a clear view
Of blue skies and wet sand
All of this, how could you
Want any more than this
Tell me how can this be true?

And it's like so hot 
And I'm not no matter what you say 
Ain't gonna stray from this wicked spot
I've frozen in Germany
And burnt up in Spain 
Man, Amsterdam nearly fried my brain
So on the plane I had a day to think 
About being here and sipping this drink
So I'm playing with my kid
Hanging with my girl
Watching my belly turn pink

Asking myself 
What's the deal?